My name is Cywren Caster. I was all alone, wondering around on my own. My parents turned out to be black supramasists and I am white, so I was all alone on the streets. As I wondered down the forbidding streets, I found a leaflet on the floor. "Come to Washington DC! It is the best. You will find loads of new friends and understanding people. Maybe you'll even be crowned Queen!"

Oh, I thought to myself, I'd love to be Queen! So I set out to Washington DC!


I was very nervous. I had never gone to Washington DC and I wondered how they would treat me there.


I arrived in Washington DC and waited for a taxi to bring me to my new housing. As I was waiting for a taxi, I saw I think a mysterious figure hididing in the shasows.

It was as if he was looking at me!

I of course ran towards him and said, "What do you wnat?"

"For you to die!" the mysterious figure said and took out a knife and with a flash it came towards me.

I grabbed him of course at his wrist and twisted it until he dropped his knife

When I was done with the assilant I turned and looked straight into her eyes. They were so pretty and round and I delved right into them. Like soaking in a comfortable batch . Her hair looked like the softest of velvet and encapsulated her face perfectly.

I had completely forgotten the assailant. All I could think of was her.

She looked perplexed and in awe at me: "That was amazing. You have to teach me your moves sometimes!"

"Who was that?" I asked.

"It must have been one of evil's hedgeman" she said.

"evil!" I gasped, "I thought evil was defeated!"

"So did we... so did we." said she.

"But who are you then? OMG... you're not..." I gasped in asphexiation.

"It is true," she, "I am no one else but Cywren Caster.

I had dreamed to meet Cywren Caster at some point in my lifetime. But it always was a distant dream. One that when you wake up, all you remember is Cywren Caster's dreamy eyes and wonderful complexion. It was such a dream that I never thought could become real! But here she was, right before me.

"I could never dream of meeting you," I said dreamily.

Cywren Caster grinned sheepishly, "Well, I had never thought of meeting such a great person like yourself."

I blushed.

"Hey," She said, "seeing as you're involved already, would you like to join me and the others to defeat evil for good?"

"that sounds great! When do I start?"

"now!" said Cywren Caster and he led me towards the others. And there we started planning to defeat evil!

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Arriving at the mysterious shack, Cywren Caster found that there was an item laying on the table in the shack. Around the shack was a mysterious circle drawn in sand or perhaps salt.

"Look after yourself dear!" said  who as usually was cowardly squatting behind Cywren Caster. (notez: cuz lulz,  is such a tool). Cywren Caster carefully manuvred into the shack and on her tiptoes and scuttled forward. The floorboards beneath her feet croaked and Cywren Caster could hear a loud hummer coming from the table. There the  laid. Right there for her taking.

But Cywren Caster was clever. Cywren Caster knew it was a trap!(notez: so obvious lulz!)

So Cywren Caster said to , "Why don't you take it, it looks safe." And  was like "Oh, well, if you're sure, I will!"( notez: he so gullablez lulz!) sneakly ran backwards and let him to do the taking. Cywren Caster knew that if it was a trap,  would be triggering it. And then evil would get him, but not her. Cywren Caster knew  wouldn't mind sacrifcing himself for her. He always said that. But forutnately when  grabbed the , nothing happened. Except they were suddenly attacked by Ninja's!

They appeared from no where into the shack and chucked shurikons at them, but they managed the dodge them quite well (by hiding behind eachother). They then sneaked away by using the furniture and table as cover for them.

But now with the  in their hands, they could take evil straight on! "You are challanging me?, Im indestructable," said evil "Oh I beat you doughbag, youll run back crying to your momma. The hot one   (which you can read about in my other cool fanfic) "Mhuahahaaha I dont need no mother, I am after all invincible". After that, Cywren Caster leaped down onto the vulcano plato  , with Serenity Darkmoon Raven just behind him. He was in luck because she just managed to jump on it but didnt fall in it. It would have been a short story if she fell in it.   called to him: "are you alright buddy, you fell quite hard".  "Im an expert at falling," spoke Cywren Caster, "especially with girls."' evil stood looking at our hero with his cape flapping in hotness. He beared an expression of smugness. "I had told you, I am invincible, I cannot be killed, I cannot die, I cannot breath. And I have this!!!"' Suddenly she held the  aloft. "This is what you want!

This is what you need! But its mine now. You cant stop me.' "Noo....not the " "Yes. The " "The !" gasped Serenity Darkmoon Raven "Yes. The " Suddenly a bolt of lightning went through in the air, strikking left and right but not hitting the lava plato they were all standing on. The Villain lit up dark in the flash of lightning. His features scary. Laughing as she stood there, she approached Cywren Caster, "Give up and go home, Serenity Darkmoon Raven doesnt love you anyway." "Thats not true! " Cywren Caster ran forward and fought him (by slashing into him while evil evaded his attack and shoot fire from his fingertips) But every time she hit evil, she just smiled and hit him back. In between dodging lava ejectulations, evil said: "You cannot beat me" "NEVERRRRRRRR!!!!" She YELLED HARD! "Then you will lose, and I will win and destroy everything you care for." "I HATE YOU!!" said Cywren Caster and ran towards him with herweapon drawn. "Pathetic human, you can not beat me since I have this Incinerator!"" "No?! You have created it?! What have you done?!" "Oh it was just a simple thing. With the help of your friend," She said while dodging another lava ejactulation, "I finished it just yesterday. Oh my, a lovely night we had.

"Your a monster and you will die, you monster!" Cywren Caster ran towards evil, just dodging a fire ball, leaping towards a plato in the lava, dodging a lava ejaxtualatuion, landing on a rock She surfed like Legolas in Lord of the Rings on his skateboard towards the villain again, who in turn laughed out loud and smirked and took another fireball in her hands because she really wanted to kill the Cywren Caster

"NOW!!!" SHOUTED our hero and his female companion lifted her top and evil was distracted by the bouncing blobs of womanflesh. Using this to his outmost tactical advancement Cywren Caster grapped  from evil and stabbed him in his mouth . "Owch! While I had the  I could not be harmed. But now it was taken from me I can and was and it hurt" He staggereed around and grabbed into the air, she was dying. "You are all dooomed, doomed! You will die and I will see your death come to you and your family and your families family family." Suddenly an ejacturalition of lava sprung up and whooshed him with its flames, leaving behind only ashes .  

"Cywren Caster , Cywren Caster, I love you! But we only have 6 minutes to escape before this volcano erupts!!!" "Then quick, we must leave and leave this place behind, said Cywren Caster and left this place behind." Just in time, when the last second of the clock was about tick, Cywren Caster and the sidekicks got out and everything crashed behind him, leaving only smoke and dust and stones behind in the rubble."  

The End

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