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This is dedicated to the wonderful Fallout 3 series made by VenturianTale, A Fallout Tale. This holds all fan art and mail that people send in.

A Fallout Tale is Jordan Frye's latest let's play, beginning on May 13, 2014, with Jordan inside of someone's head yet again. This time, he follows the journey of a girl named Cywren, who lived in Vault 101, one of the underground cities builty to protect the population of Earth from war, and escapes into post apocolypitic Washington DC so she can find her missing father.

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Main Characters

  • Cywren Caster - - Race: Cacuasian. The main character of the series who Jordan acts as her conscience. She is a descendant of Poet from "A Skyrim Ta;e
  • Quasar - Race: Dog. Cywren's first follower, a dog that has a radiative effect that makes him invulnerable to explosions.
  • Timebomb - Race: Cacuasian. Cywren's second follower, a survivor of death from severe bullet wounds.
  • Sarah Lyons - Race: Cacuasian. Cywren's third follower, a Brotherhood of Steel Senitel, commander and leader of Lyons Pride, her father is Elder Owyn Lyons, the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Fawkes "Copper" - Race: Super Mutant (Formerly Human). Cywren's fourth follower, a former Vault 87 security guard and resident named Shelton Delacroix who was subjected to F.E.V tests after finding out the true purpose of Vault 87. Has retained his sanity and ultra intelligance for reasons unknown. Cast out for being different from his peers and loves reading and history. He has lost most of his memory
  • James Caster - Race: Cacuasian. Cywren's Father, who has died of Radiation.

Minor Characters

  • Lucas Simms - Race: African. The previous Mayor and Sheriff of Megaton, who died  by a shot to the head.
  • Moira Brown - Race: Cacuasian. Cywren's Aunt in A Fallout Tale. She loves to tinker, and is always super happy. 
  • Toshiro Kago - Race: Asian. An abducted samurai found aboard Mothership Zeta in 2277.
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