This takes place in Fallout: New Vegas. Cywren married Timebomb and had a child, that had a child.

I hope for this to be good enough to be Canon, if the Canon Poll ever becomes a thing, and if mine's picked, hopefully someone will like it enough to vote, IF it gets picked.

This fanfic includes mods for New Vegas, the mod list is here:

  • Enclave Toy Companion By MegaUltraMario
  • For the Enclave by Otellino and CNC

Chapter 1 ==The wasteland==

Clint woke up in his bed, his old BB gun from Vault 101 that his Grandmother gave him was sitting beside him.

Clint got out of bed. "Dogmeat! Come here Dogmeat!" Clint called for his dog.

Dogmeat came running in. "Sit next to the door, boy!" The dog skampered to the door.

Clint got his Enclave Power armor on and got his Alien pistol, he was ready to Venture off into the wasteland.

Clint waltz outside where his mother was, and his grandmother. were sitting, drinking Nuka-cola.

Amata Ground-Mover, the mother of Clint. She was born in the ruins of Las Vegas.

Cywren, of course was home to see her grandson. She was still young, she was about 25 when her Daughter gave birth at 17.

Clint's eyes widen, and he said "Cywren!"

Clint ran to his grandmother and hugged her.

"Ok, nice to see you, but that Power Armor really hurts!"

Clint let go and backed off, with a grin.

"Where are you going?" Cywren asked.

"To the wasteland, I'm off to join the Enclave!"

Cywren frowned, not liking him to Join the people who killed her father, James Caster.

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